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I’m Hannah, and I’m an Anxiety Specialist working in Cheshire & online.

I’ll help you get the answers you need to learn to live the life you want.

I work with busy professionals who appear to be thriving, but in reality are struggling to cope.

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Hannah Paskin sitting on a couch, engaging in clinical supervision.

Do you:

* Often feel exhausted?
* Experience symptoms of anxiety & stress?
* Never feel good enough?
* Battle overthinking, negative thoughts & worries?
* Set yourself impossible expectations and are always trying to do more?

I can help you to:

* Overcome anxiety & stress
* Stop overthinking and control worry
* Gain self-confidence
* Overcome work stress and recover from burnout
* Stop people-pleasing and create boundaries
* Tackle perfectionism and imposter syndrome

If you’re ready to take control, to understand yourself better, and to learn effective strategies, I can help.

I’m a straight-talking therapist with a naturally empathic personality. With over forty 5* reviews online, I’m experienced in achieving lasting results.

I work with people mostly over 35 and see as many men as women. I commonly see those in demanding jobs and industries and frequently work with Business Owners. You can work with me in person in Middlewich, Cheshire, and also online via Zoom.

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