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A stock photo through the glass of a woman at work looking contemplative. Women experience imposter syndrome just as much if not more than men.
7 mins

Understanding Imposter Syndrome

In simple terms, Imposter Syndrome is the disconnect you experience between how others see you, and how you see yourself. The feelings of inadequacy typically exist despite lots of evidence to the contrary that you are indeed capable and don’t have anything to be worried...

A stock photo of a male sat in front of his laptop at a desk, engaging in a video OCD therapy session, with a notepad at the side.
7 mins

What is OCD? and understanding ERP Therapy

This blog will provide an explanation of OCD, and an understanding of ERP Therapy. What is OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be incredibly frustrating to experience and really debilitating to day-to-day life. Most people will have had the first signs in their childhood or...

A picture of me, Hannah Paskin, a Therapist. I am wearing a green dress with white spots, sat on my therapy sofa. There is the words straight-talking therapist for professionals on the image
8 mins

Therapy for Business Owners

Providing Therapy for Business Owners is one of my specialties. In this blog I will cover the 7 most common reasons that business owners come to therapy. Running a business is a rollercoaster. It has some great advantages, but it also has it’s own set...

Stock image of Male distressed looking away from the camera to represent men in therapy
5 mins

Therapy for Men

A useful blog exploring therapy for men. “I’m an embarrassment” “They’d be better off without me” “What sort of man am I?” “I’m weak” “I should be able to cope” “I’m so stupid” “How pathetic am I?” “I’m such a failure” “What a waste of...

A photo of a lady looking into the distance worried
7 mins

Am I worrying too much? Understanding Generalised Anxiety Disorder

What is GAD? Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD for short) is a type of anxiety characterised by Excessive and Uncontrollable Worry. The focus of the worries can jump around over the years and cover a wide variety of topics/triggers. But there’s one common theme amongst all...

A photo of a professional worker experiencing burnout
5 mins

Understanding Burnout

Burnout happens when you have done too much for too long. There is no way of avoiding the limitations of being a human or the ageing process. You can’t do what you could do at 20 when you are 40. You can’t work 12-hour days...

A picture of a diary, with a pin in the day that says 'learn to say no'
6 mins

Understanding People Pleasing

What is a people pleaser? A people pleaser is someone who cares deeply about making others happy, easing their suffering, and pleasing them. It is also someone who greatly values being a ‘good’ person and being ‘helpful’ and likes others to see them this way...

An image of a green stamp image. It says in the middle 'perfect' and has a circle of stars
4 mins

Perfectionism: How Can it Manifest?

It is easy to mistake perfectionism as a positive attribute or a healthy motivator, but that’s not always the case. Perfectionists have impossibly high expectations of themselves and struggle to settle for anything less than the best or the highest of standards regardless of their...

An image of an office, with everyone moving quickly, creating a blurred movement image
4 mins

Living With High Functioning Anxiety or Depression

What is High Functioning Anxiety and High Functioning Depression? High functioning Anxiety does not look like how we expect anxiety to look. High functioning Depression does not look like how we expect depression to look. That’s because our stereotypes are based on people that are...

3 wooden blocks with 1 letter on each, spelling out CBT
3 mins

What is CBT, and how does it work?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that focuses on identifying and improving the way we think (our cognitions) and the way we act (our behaviours). The theory being that how we think about and react to something has a large influence on how...

The image shows a red button with white writing saying panic in capital letters.
3 mins

Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia

This blog will help to explain what a panic attack is, why people have them, and how they are connected with Agoraphobia. What is a panic attack? Panic attacks are a sudden onset of distressing physical changes to our body. Typically panic attacks are acute,...

Image of me, Hannah Paskin, in a mock up Therapy session photoshoot. I am shown sat on a couch, I am wearing a navy and white stripped dress, and a navy cardigan. You can see the blurred back of a head of a mock client.
9 mins

Advice on how to Find a Therapist or Find a Counsellor

Trying to find a therapist or counsellor for yourself can feel overwhelming. There’s so much choice, how do you even start? Huge volumes of people head to google everyday searching for the phrase therapist near me, so you're not the only one on this quest....

White background, with a purple banner with white text saying Anxiety Therapy. There's also a purple and turquoise scribble in the image, representing the chaos feeling of anxiety.
6 mins

Exposure therapy – Anxiety Treatment

This blog will provide some information on Exposure Therapy, a treatment for anxiety. Understanding Anxiety Anxiety can be a really unpleasant emotion to experience. It can be incredibly physical with symptoms of anxiety such as heart racing, getting sweaty, short of breath, unable to relax,...

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