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Are you ready to move forward?

At Hannah Paskin Therapy, I offer a one-on-one service in person from my therapy office in Cheshire. In addition, I provide telephone and video therapy sessions.

I am committed to helping my clients overcome their problems and learn to live their best life. I am committed to giving you the control back over your own emotional wellbeing, to building your knowledge, your tool kit of strategies and your general resilience.

If you are ready to move forwards, get in touch or book your appointment now.


(All sessions are booked as 1 hour)


Assessment and Pay as You Go Treatment sessions

£420 Pre-paid Block

4 Treatment sessions (£5 per session discount)

£600 Pre-paid Block

6 Treatment sessions (£10 per session discount)


Supervision &/or Coaching Session

(30 minute or 90 minute sessions can be booked if required, please get in touch to arrange)

A photo of me Hannah Paskin, staged to represent a therapy session

How many sessions will I need?

Starting therapy can sometimes feel overwhelming. Many clients arrive at their first session not really knowing what the problem is or what they need help with, but just know that things aren’t right. My job is to help you figure that out.

At Hannah Paskin Therapy, I’m not your average Therapist, I offer a combination of straight-talking and empathy. I take a practical problem solving approach, will tell you where you are going wrong if you’re not figuring it out for yourself, and will give my opinion if you ask for it.

Sessions are proactive and are focused on increasing your self-insight and teaching effective strategies to overcome your problem.

Due to the way in which I work, typically clients will need less sessions than they might with other therapists. Most of my clients attend around 12 sessions in total, some attend as little as 4-6 if they are willing to work intensely and are committed to significant effort between appointments. There are some clients I work with over a longer period if their problems are more complex or longstanding, or they wish to put change in place at a slower pace. I have a number of clients who will choose to access check-in sessions with me every few months to ensure they are staying on track.

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