CBT Supervision Service

Supervision Services

In addition to my client therapy services, I provide clinical supervision to other Cognitive Behavioural Therapists.

As a therapist and a supervisor, I combine straight-talking with compassion. I understand that if you bring a question to supervision, you want to leave the session with an answer. I will work with you not just to provide clinical guidance on your CBT practice, but I will also help you to grow in confidence and expand your knowledge and skills.

I am BABCP Accredited and can support you in gaining and maintaining your accreditation. I provide flexibility for you to book sessions Ad Hoc or with regular frequency. Appointments can be provided by phone or video.

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Benefits of Clinical Supervision with me

The clinical supervision I offer isn’t just about discussing treatment plans. I also work more holistically with you as a therapist, just as I do with my clients.

I encourage sessions to be used for clinical skills development not just case discussions. This will allow you to fill in gaps in knowledge and learn additional CBT strategies. It allows you to bring questions without it having to be connected to a client. Within this I focus on the doing of the strategies, not just the theory of them. This means you get to look at how to break things down and actually do it step by step with clients.

I believe that supervision should be a supportive place that builds your self confidence. It’s something that my supervisees find particularly valuable. I’m happy to share about the things I struggle with and the mistakes I’ve made. I want you to feel comfortable doing the same, we are all learning. It’s so important to be able to see what we offer to clients, and to be able to believe in and communicate that. I will help you to recognise what are your unique strengths and character traits that can supercharge your CBT. We all want to deliver therapy in a way that feels authentic, and I very much believe who we are and delivering CBT is compatible.

Alongside these additional benefits, the typical key elements of Clinical supervision such as case presentation, case discussion, role play, live supervision etc are all given due time and space.  

Book a free consultation call if you wish to find out more about how I work and see if we are compatible. You are welcome to proceed straight to booking a supervision session.

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