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Hannah Paskin

How I Work

I’m not your Average Therapist, here at Hannah Paskin Therapy I do things differently. Clients choose me for their Therapy because I’m Straight-Talking and Focused on Achieving Tangible Change for them.

I help Professionals to Successfully Overcome Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Stress amongst other common issues.

Therapy will comprise of 4 key Aspects:

Helping you to Understand What the problem is and Why

Teaching you Effective Coping Strategies

Supporting you to Implement Change

Ensuring you know How to Maintain Recovery

The way I approach these aspects means that my clients achieve results. If you are not figuring things out for yourself, I am willing to tell you the problem as I see it. This means we can get to work on fixing the problem sooner. I will also tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear. I am here to help you change your life, so it’s important I’m frank with you. Although therapy with me is hard work, clients regularly tell me how much they enjoy sessions. That’s because I like sessions to be relaxed – humour and swearing alongside the heavy conversation topics is very much allowed. I hate to see people suffer so I will work with you to tackle your challenges as quickly as possible.

Hannah Paskin is an experienced psychotherapist in Cheshire
Are you ready to move Forward



Workplace Stress, Perfectionism out of control, Problems with asserting boundaries, Constant excess hours – all these things lead to Corporate Exhaustion (otherwise known as Burnout). This is one of my specialisms. I work with Business Owners and Senior Execs to help them get off the hamster wheel and discover a new healthier way forward. I will work with you to tackle overthinking, to learn how to relax, to achieve a healthier work life balance and put an end to the constant state of exhaustion and never feeling good enough.



Do you put other people’s happiness before your own? Do you feel selfish when you do something for yourself? Worry about upsetting people and struggle to say no? People-pleasing without limits can lead to you feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed. Taking on other’s problems and feeling responsible for other’s happiness is draining. Here at Hannah Paskin Therapy, I will help you to learn how to set limits and establish healthy boundaries. We will work together to ensure you have a good balance between your own needs and others needs without feeling guilty.

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching are just some words used to describe the process that helps an individual move forward and overcome symptoms such as depression, anxiety or burnout.

I am an Experienced Psychotherapist trained primarily in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). There are similarities and differences between what I do and Counselling and coaching. One promise I will make is that I am not an inactive therapist; I won’t just sit and listen; I will not bounce back with questions such as “what do you think?”. Our sessions will be focused and productive, enabling you to understand what’s going on and why, and most importantly, learn ways to break the unhelpful cycle that has led you to seeking out a therapist.

Methods of Undertaking Therapy

In my Therapy Clinic in Cheshire

I offer a one-on-one service from my therapy office in Cheshire. I’ve based the clinic in Middlewich Cheshire for a few years now as it provides great access for nearby towns and cities in the North West like Manchester, Chester, Knutsford, Sandbach, Northwich and Congleton. With great transport connections via the M6 and M56 my location is accessible to most and it also benefits from free on-site parking.

My private therapy room is the perfect setting for you to come and tackle issues you may be having. The room provides a warm and inviting space to help you to feel relaxed.

Hannah Paskin, psychotherapist in Cheshire
Online therapy and telephone therapy

Online Therapy and Telephone Therapy

At Hannah Paskin Therapy, I have been delivering telephone therapy and online video therapy for many years. CBT phone or CBT online sessions are no different from face-to-face sessions in terms of their outcomes. My experience allows me to make sure you achieve your goals for therapy regardless of how you access your sessions with me. This allows for greater flexibility for those with limited free time or childcare duties. In addition, it allows clients further afield seeking my specialist approach to access my services, whether you live in London or Abroad, I regularly work with clients way beyond Cheshire.

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Hannah Paskin

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