The Therapist you come to for Straight-Talking support.

CBT Therapist in Cheshire helping exhausted Professionals to finally beat Anxiety & Stress.

Looking for a Private Therapist who gets what you’re going through?

Whether you’re facing Anxiety, Stress or Burnout, having a Therapist who knows what it’s like can make all the difference.

I’m Hannah. I’m a Private Counsellor working closely with busy Professionals who are done with feeling exhausted, fed up of being overwhelmed and anxious, tired of overthinking and frustrated with never feeling good enough.

Are you ready to stop pretending you’re coping when you’re barely functioning, and instead learn how to get back in control of how you’re feeling?

With online video therapy or in-person therapy at my welcoming and judgement-free office in Cheshire, I’ll help you to get the answers you need to live the life you want using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Think I might be the right counsellor for you? Find out with a free discovery call.

Powerful CBT to put you back in the driver’s seat

I’m here for the high-achievers, the never-say-no-ers, and the can’t-slow-down crowd. How can I help? By giving you straight-talking advice, problem-solving with you, and providing practical solutions that actually work with CBT therapy.

So what’s CBT? Cognitive behavioural therapy helps you to identify unhelpful thought patterns and replace them with healthier ones. It’s like upgrading your mental software to live a happier, more fulfilling life!

Why you’ll like my brand of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

clear advice from hannah paskin therapy

Clear, direct advice

No fluff, no psycho-babble. Just real therapeutic strategies that work for real people. I'm here to offer practical steps and honest feedback that make a genuine difference.

your therapy your way hannah paskin

Your therapy, your way

Whether you’re dealing with burnout, anxiety, imposter syndrome, impossible expectations of yourself, or just need to learn how to set boundaries, I will create a plan that fits your unique struggles and your lifestyle.

empathetic insight hannah paskin

Empathetic insight

I’ve been there. I’ve burnt out before. I’m now a recovering people-pleaser. I understand your challenges as both an experienced therapist, and as someone who has personally struggled to cope in the past.

Professional focus

Whether you’re struggling to make decisions, can't let go of control, feel stuck in procrastination and perfectionism cycles, or are finding it hard to cope at work, my approach to therapy is geared towards professionals like you.

What I treat with in-person & online therapy

Busy schedule? Can’t make it to Middlewich for in-person therapy? No problem. Log in from wherever you are for a virtual therapy session via Zoom. It’s straightforward, secure, and just as effective as being in the same room.

No more excuses; let’s get to work.

What my clients have said

Hear from other professionals

Don’t just take my word for it — hear it from those who were once in your shoes. My clients appreciate the no-nonsense approach that brings real results. They’re living better lives because they chose to make a change. Will you?

Hannah Paskin sitting on a couch, engaging in clinical supervision.

Ready to make mental wellness a priority?

Don’t wait another day. Let’s tackle your stress, anxiety, or whatever’s holding you back.

Therapy resources for professionals

From overcoming imposter syndrome and CBT therapy tips to learning how to set healthy boundaries, I cover a ton of topics in my blog.

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