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Hannah Paskin

What my clients have said

My CBT been such a good experience with Hannah.

It has been such a good experience working with Hannah throughout my time of CBT. She has been so easy to talk to and I always felt at ease talking about my worries. She is very knowledgeable and always listens. The approaches Hannah taught me have really helped me work through my worries and continue to help me daily. I will always be grateful for everything. Thank you! I would highly recommend.

L Furlong

Hannah is absolutely first class – knowledgeable, practical, clear, patient, friendly – and my 6 months of therapy with her really has made a major difference to my dealing with workplace stress and anxiety. Highly recommended. DL


My therapist Hannah was excellent. She helped me to identify and face my worries, anxieties and concerns. She provided and suggested techniques and strategies to help me to deal with them. She has helped me to improve the quality of my life. I am going to try my best to continue to apply these strategies to all aspects of my life and control my worrying. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hannah to anyone with anxieties.


Hannah is THE Therapist

Hannah is great, always supportive and will always suggest alternate roots to solutions if one door closes she will literally help you understand how to open another one. Couldn’t recommend Hannah more.

Emma M A Cawley

Excellent therapy supported recovery effectively and timely . Hannah is supportive , intuitive and professional.

Janet Davis

Highly knowledgeable supervisor

I have found Hannah to be a very validating and empathetic supervisor who is also no BS, but a pure straight talker. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of real-life experience which means that the information she gives is very relatable and doesn’t have all the fluff and psychobabble which often puts people off the field of Psychology. I really like her metaphors and analogies and the fact she has a wealth of strategies to suit a variety of clients. Hannah is a great supervisor especially for clinicians new to private practice- she’s been there and done that (in a very good way) and will support you on your own unique journey- because working for yourself should mean you work on your very own terms.

Ioana Rotaru

Highly recommended supervisor for CBT

Hannah is an amazing supervisor. I have been supported by Hannah on a monthly basis for the past 3 years and her knowledge of CBT is second to none. My sessions with Hannah continue to help to build my confidence as a private therapist and allow me to provide the best service possible to my clients. Highly recommended.


On my way thanks to Hannah!

I am currently in the middle of my course of therapy sessions with Hannah and I have found them extremely helpful. I don’t feel that I am completely sorted yet but I know I am on my way! Hannah is helping me to understand a lot more about myself and the people surrounding me. She is very easy to talk to and right from the start felt that I could trust her and just be myself.

Mrs Jones

With her I feel that I can be completely open knowing that I will not be judged. Hannah has a huge wealth of experience and is vastly intuitive. I am lucky to have found her

Sue, Yorkshire, Age 68

If you are like me and sceptical about therapy, I would urge you to give Hannah a try. Her no-nonsense, sensible approach helps you to move forward and find the ‘real you’. Couldn’t recommend her enough.

Female, Gloucestershire

Therapy helped me to set boundaries.

Jan, Age 54

I have learned a lot of life skills, such as how to work out who my friends truly are, and how to pick new ones.

Female, Cheshire, Age 39

You were very clear about the goals, the problem and the solutions. Hannah is so easy to talk to and gives great practical advice.

Male, Age 36, Cheshire, Company Director

Therapy has opened a door to me understanding the negative effects that People-pleasing is having on my own wellbeing.

Sue, Age 62, Cheshire

You were Calm, measured, supportive, Assertive and reassuring. You gave me techniques to analyse and modify my thoughts and behaviours.

Male, Age 54, Banker

You were Honest, to the point, no bullshit. From session one you offered strategies and solutions.

Dave Baylay, Staffs

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