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Cheshire Therapist

5* Rated Private CBT Therapist

I’m Hannah Paskin, and I’m one of Cheshire’s top-rated therapists on Google. I offer private CBT therapy in Middlewich, as well as offering CBT therapy online.

Over the last 5 yearts, I have worked with hundreds of busy professions to successfully help them overcome their anxiety using CBT therapy.
I often hear the same story – “I’m struggling to cope”, “I’m exhausted”, “I can’t stop overthinking”, “I’m not enjoying life”.

Private CBT therapy can really help with exactly these issues.

Why Choose CBT Therapy?

One of the real beauties of CBT Therapy is that it is packed full of logic, of theories that are simple and make sense, of explanations that we can get – it’s why I love it so much. Naturally, I’m a logical thinker and problem solver, and my clients often describe themselves as being similar.

But when anxiety, Stress or Depression get in the way, it can feel impossible to access that part of ourselves. Working with a CBT Therapist will help you to tap into that logical side again, to help you feel more like the real you, rather than the anxious, stressed or depressed you.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is actually a collection of lots of different tools and techniques, which means that you CBT Therapy can be personalised to you, your difficulties, and your goals to make sure you get what you need.

Why Pay for Private CBT Therapy?

Most clients I work with would be described as High Functioning – still going through the motions of life, just not with any joy. They typically wouldn’t be able to access one-to-one Therapy under the NHS. But that doesn’t mean that CBT Therapy wouldn’t have a huge benefit for them. Whether it’s help with worry or overthinking, with perfectionism or imposter syndrome, with being a workaholic or with unhelpful relationship patterns, seeing a Private CBT Therapist could make a significant difference to their enjoyment of life.

Each Private Therapist will have different special interests and special skills. I’m known as ‘The Straight-Talking Therapist’ as that’s one of my special skills, and it helps me get to the root of the problem with my clients faster. I am a born empath, so also offer a lot of emotional support. Clients come to me because they want answers, they want to make changes, but they currently feel stuck. CBT Therapy is a really good fit alongside my straight-talking approach, as it’s a very proactive type of therapy.

Paying for your own therapy isn’t cheap, but what it does allow you to do is choose the person you connect to and who is an expert in your exact problem. When you get that match right, it just clicks, and it can really help to make the therapy journey enjoyable.

What does Private CBT Therapy involve?

Your Therapy experience will usually start with an Assessment, an opportunity for your Private Therapist to get an understanding of what difficulties you are experiencing, how they are impacting you, and what you’re wanting to achieve from your CBT Therapy.

Once you get started with your CBT Therapy Online or in Person, treatment sessions will focus on introducing well-recognised theories to explain what’s going on for you and why. You can expect to be encouraged to complete tasks between sessions to enhance learning, and to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. Your Private CBT Therapist will be led by the goals that you set for therapy throughout.

There’s a false myth about CBT that it doesn’t address the past and doesn’t explore the underlying cause of the current problem. This isn’t true at all. Sometimes it’s appropriate for therapy to focus solely on the here and now, and so that’s what your Private CBT Therapist will do. But there are plenty of times that Private CBT Therapy will explore your upbringing, your early experiences, traumatic events, and help you to understand how this all links with your current thinking patterns or unhelpful behaviours. CBT has the flexibility to explore the past, as well as focus on the present, we are led by a client’s goals and symptoms for what makes sense.

What can CBT Therapy help?

CBT Therapy can be used for a wide range of emotional problems such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Low Self-Confidence, Anger and Trauma experiences. It can also be used to help with Relationship Problems, Pain Management and much more.

If the problem you experience includes going down a rabbit hole with your unhelpful thoughts, or getting trapped in doing things that you know don’t make logical sense, the likelihood is that seeing a CBT Therapist could help.

CBT Therapy focuses on these 2 areas – our thoughts, and our actions, and how these 2 elements feed a vicious cycle that gradually worsens over time.

Does Online CBT work?

I’ve been running my own business for over 8 years now. When I first started, most of my clients would see me in person. However, the increased use of video for communication in recent years has really shifted this balance, I now have over 50% of my clients accessing Private CBT Online.

Whether sessions are in person or virtually, you are still receiving face-to-face Therapy. Online CBT has the benefit of being able to choose a Private Therapist that’s the right fit for you without the barrier of geography, as well as it being easier to make time for without needing to add in travel time.

Find a Private CBT Therapist

If you’re looking for CBT Therapy, I’d recommend finding a Private CBT Therapist who is Accredited. You can check if a Therapist is Accredited by searching with their surname here: CBT Search Results ( I have been Accredited since 2015.

This helps to ensure that your Private CBT Therapist has trained at a high level, and is part of a professional body, and ensures you keep away from those who might only have completed an online CBT course lasting a couple of days.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

  • What are your fees?

My Assessment and Pay as you go Private CBT Therapy sessions are £110 for 1 hour. I do also offer block booking discounts of 4 treatment sessions for £420 or 6 sessions for £600.

  • How many sessions will I need?

Typically, clients will come for between 6-20 sessions, depending on how much input they want or need. Some clients will come for a smaller number of sessions to gain self-insight and learn effective strategies and then continue implementing this by themselves. Others will choose to have weekly sessions for support until they have fully overcome their problem.

  • Who do you work with?

I work with adults, and only individually. This means I don’t work with under 18s, and I don’t work with couples.

  • Will you contact my GP?

Not usually. We only contact other professionals such as GPs if there is a concern about your or someone else’s safety. Otherwise, private therapy is confidential and is not recorded on your medical record.

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