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Therapy Sessions Online

Remote Therapy sessions allow you access to the right therapist for you without geographical or practical barriers. Face-to-Face sessions delivered virtually offer the same treatment quality as in person therapy sessions.

I have been delivering Video Therapy and Telephone Therapy for the duration of my career and therefore am experienced at making sure it provides good value. Added benefits include the ability to record all sessions to save a permanent copy of.

Online therapy sessions with Hannah Paskin

With an increased shift towards use of technology and many of us being much more comfortable communicating in this way, it has opened up greater choice for the search for a therapist. I have a good percentage of clients that access sessions from London, other parts of the UK, and clients from elsewhere in Europe.

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Remote therapy also has other benefits, for example fitting around childcare or work engagements without the additional travel time.

At Hannah Paskin Therapy, I accommodate online sessions throughout the day (with limited evening appointments) and can offer treatment sessions on the phone or via online video platforms such as Zoom.

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