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Listen to the body – It’s telling you there’s a problem

Emotional health problems are extremely physical. Our body is actually quite clever in that way. It tries to tell us when there’s an emotional issue by showing itself physically.

It might start with something small. If ignored, then more symptoms will start to appear, they will become worse. You might start experiencing physical symptoms that the typical treatments for seem not to be helping like you’d expect. Because the cause is emotional not physical. Therefore the solution is also emotional.

It’s actually these physical symptoms that often cause people to seek help first, not the emotional suffering or pain. In the kindest way I’m always glad my clients have experienced this physical suffering, otherwise they might never have sought help. Because a lot of depression and anxiety symptoms will have been present in some way for most of our lives, unfortunately we are a bit too willing to tolerate this, we have come to almost accept that that’s just how things are.

What physical signs are there of a problem? There’s a long list. These are some of the most common ones:

  • Poor sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problems – IBS, indigestion etc
  • Acne and skin allergies
  • Reduced immune system response (getting ill more often)
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Muscle cramps and tension
  • Reduced appetite
  • Problems with memory, concentration and cognitive functioning
  • Reduced libido and erectile dysfunction
  • High blood pressure

Not a nice list hey? Lots of clients I see have multiple complaints from the list above. I often hear stories of having tried medication with no benefits, having been referred to specialists with no answers. That’s because often the cause for these physical symptoms is an emotional problem.

Many times clients find that once the depression, anxiety or stress symptoms are resolved, these physical concerns go away without any other intervention.

It’s really useful to recognise what our first physical sign is. Mine for example is spots on my face, and my hair getting greasy faster than normal. If I ignore this then headaches and digestive issues start to appear. I’ve learnt to really listen when my body speaks and it’s really helped me to better manage my emotional health. At the worst points my IBS has been crippling, the migraines preventing sleep. Thankfully I’ve not experienced this in a number of years now. That’s because I listen and respond.

You don’t need to tolerate depression and anxiety symptoms. You don’t have to accept overthinking, worry or negative self-criticism. There are all symptoms that can be overcome. With the benefit not just to your mind, but also to your body.

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