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Understanding Corporate Exhaustion

Exhaustion, burnout, breakdown – these are all words used to describe finding yourself in a horrible hole. It refers to reaching a state where you find it impossible to function, where you have been reduced to simply existing, each day feeling the same as the next.
I regularly work with Business Owners, Senior Execs and others in demanding jobs who are experiencing just this. There are two scenarios I see – 1. They are still working but hobbies, family time, socialising, exercise, eating well, sleeping etc have all been significantly compromised; 2. They are signed off work, they can no longer function, and their body feels like it’s falling apart.

Exhaustion is setting in

Work stress is an increasingly common problem. In a world where we are trying to always do more, achieve more, and constantly be productive it’s not surprising that so many find exhaustion setting in.

In order to maintain good functioning, we need to eat, sleep, hydrate, rest and play. I commonly hear “I don’t know how to relax”, or “I can’t switch off”. This unfortunately is a ticking time bomb because these things are essential, even more so when working in a demanding job.
If you feel like you’re suffering, then therapy might be the answer; at Hannah Paskin Therapy, my approach is friendly yet professional. I am straight-talking and solution focused.

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Symptoms of Corporate Exhaustion

Common symptoms when we are burnt out or exhausted due to work include poor sleep, inability to concentrate, low enthusiasm, increased tiredness, feelings of stress or anxiety, increased worry, headaches, digestive issues and many more. Our body very clearly tells us when what we are doing is not maintainable. It’s trying to tell you to stop and make changes.

What leads to Corporate Exhaustion?

Seeking Help from a Professional

Perfectionism and the desire to always do better is a common predecessor to corporate exhaustion. So is low self-esteem and feeling like you’re not good enough no matter how much you do. It can also develop from an unhealthy focus on success and achievement and an impossible work ethic.

Understanding how your symptoms have developed is important, but with is more important is understanding how to make changes that allow you to move forwards without the risk of burning out again.

Corporate Exhaustion is something that can affect your life and your health, so seeking help can help you immensely. At Hannah Paskin Therapy, I will work with you to create a sustainable way forward.

Want to find out more?

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My Therapy Sessions

Most of my clients come to me for a few of reasons – I am a straight talker, I’ll tell you what you need to know, and I’ll teach you proven strategies to help you thrive. At Hannah Paskin Therapy, I help my clients not only understand what the problem is and why, but also understand how to prevent the problem re-occurring in future.
Sessions will teach you ways to challenge your thinking, allow you to gain a different perspective, enable you to achieve balance in your life, and ensure your basic wellbeing and emotional health is taken care of whilst being able to do your job well.


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